Thursday, January 22, 2009


Week 1 (ending Jan 24, 2009): Meet with Nicole Hill. Create a  blog page for the project. 

Week 2 (ending Jan 31): Contact all 3 area advisors to schedule first meetings.   Work on Treatment, Synopsis and Outline. Complete rough draft of narration text. 

Week 3 (ending Feb 7): Meet with area advisors to confirm direction, project schedule, and our student and advisor expectations.

Week 4 (ending Feb 14): Post first draft of text. 

Week 5 (ending Feb 21): Post second draft of text. Begin to collect found footage and plan shoot schedule.

Week 6 (ending Feb 28): Post final narration text.  Explore, in more detail, the Treatment (look, feel, photographic tools, sources for found footage) of the film in response to feedback and new resource information.  

Week 7 (ending March 7): Check-in with advisors. Collect found footage. Organize interview schedules/ interview questions. Research video equipment availability/ room reservations. 

Week 8 (ending March 14, followed by Spring Break): Shoot film/ collect found footage. Record narration audio.

Week 9 (ending March 28): Shoot film/ collect found footage. Import media to computer and begin editing.

Week 10 (ending April 4): Final pick-up shoots. 

Week 11 (ending April 11): Work on rough edit.

Week 12 (ending April 18): Complete rough edit to share with advisors and other faculty. 

Week 13 (ending April 25): Editing

Week 14 (ending May 2): Editing

Week 15 (ending May 9): Complete Editing. Make copies for advisors.

Week 16 (ending May 16 – Finals Week): yet to be scheduled presentation of project to advisors. Open to friends and public?

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