Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Preliminary outline of key concepts

•Our infinite world is organized and simplified with schemas. This is necessary and useful for communication social structure, yet can be limiting. Schemas are necessary to lighten the intellectual/ emotional load of infinite possibilities. Inherent in this simplification, is the discount of many natural variances

• Social realities become confused with universal truths. In regards to sex/gender, there are assumed to exist a set of universal truths- which match our social truths/ realities

•Schemas limit the individual’s ability to express their autonomy because humans are more diverse than the systems that they live in.

•Pathologizing variance. Statistically expected (or “natural”) social and biological diversity is marginalized in order to uphold our schemas (ideologies).

= the loss of Individual Autonomy: the ability to be recognized by ones peers for their true self. In order to be an autonomous individual, the recognition of our peers is required. a matter of community recognition.

•Limitations lead to exclusions, the repression of genuine expression… harmful stigmas. They also function to uphold the power of the privileged class- who have the power to perpetuate systems of inequality.

•Example of APA. The mental health of our society is given priority above the health of the individual. Natural (statistically expected) variations in biological sex and gender identity are directed to towards assimilation into the dominant categories, sometimes at the expense (and exclusion) of the mental health of the unique individual. The model says: the individual will be healthy when they assimilate and are accepted. Critical critique: why pathologize and treat the individual rather than the system?

Diagnosis: Enabling vs. Restrictive. •Realizing autonomy (by reaching it) in an individual (most likely non-conforming way) OR            •becoming recognized within an existing (conforming)  to a socially accepted identity which is not considered a pathological disorder- one without negative stigmas.

•Social realities vs. scientific fact.

 •Expressions and biological makeup[s be rewarded with the many prizes of a high social status, and what expressions or biological facts will be punished with a low social status

•The binary two sex categorization is a social decision and not a scientific fact

• The GIDs defining features, the wide-spread of individuals (variance) who may not fit the models, and how variance is pathologized as with disorder.

• intersexed conditions. Statistics, social stigmas, “corrective” surgeries on newborns.




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